Welcome to the blog of Indrayani Ghangrekar, aka Indi  (which is a bit easier to say) or Inda, depending on how I may have met you. I am a self-confessed science geek and here I want to share some of that passion, hoping that it is of interest and hoping to improve my communication of the science to those not familiar with it. So, I invite you to give me constructive criticism if I am not clear about something and go off into unfriendly scientific terminology too much (sometimes it may be necessary but will be accompanied by explanations). I started this blog to write about science from time to time when there was no other place to do it, but am very sporadic with it.

The science I am most familiar with is the brain and something called the body clock – which is quite complicated but basically means the way that animals (and plants and bacteria and pretty much nearly all living things) can tell what time of day it is in order to go about their lives: things like when to eat, when to sleep, when to hunt and when to hide. I also worked in a public health role in the health information team at Cancer Research UK for a while.

“Come fly with me….”, the title for this website, is not a reference to the song beautifully crooned by Frank Sinatra. It was the title I used for a poster I made in 2009 as a PhD student for the ‘Perspectives’ competition run by the British Science Association. The brief was to make a poster to explain the societal and ethical impact of my research to visitors of the British Science Festival – a week-long science extravaganza with inspirational talks, shows, workshops, debates and general geekery set up all over the university/ city that hosts. Attended by people of different ages and background, the posters had to pack a punch but retain simplicity and be jargon-free. My PhD research on fruit flies does indeed have an interesting societal impact that is not clear from the outset to those unfamiliar with this unassuming creature (other than when it is a kitchen pest in the warmer months).

Now that I’m finally getting round to making a website, I thought those words would be apt here too – I hope to share here some science in an interesting and non-scary way to share my awe and wonder about the world. The thing is, I was a finalist on merit of my application but I didn’t win the competition. I was proud that I was a finalist and of my poster, of course I was saddened not to win, but the feedback I received as to why I was not selected was valuable. Looking at the poster again, there are many things that I would do differently now, but it is now three years hence and I have learnt a lot. I was pleased with what I produced at the time as I was unsure as to my abilities in something that I thought of as being more creative and artistic than I was used to. So, it describes what I want to achieve in life in general – I am going to challenge myself, I want to be proud of what I create and I want to learn and improve as I continue.


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